I like to build stuff. 😊 So here's a list of things that I've helped build. 🚀


React Shared Storage

React Shared Storage is built to be a simple way for storing state in the browsers local storage. It will keep your state synced between different components and different windows and tabs.


Blender Batch FBX Exporter

This add-on lets you export your selected objects into separate FBX files which will be named according to the objects names in the hierarchy.



Command line utility for calculating Pearson Correlation Coefficients.


Fuzzy Comparison

Do you need to know if two strings are kind of the same? This package compares two string and tells you if they are similar enough.


React & Koa Template

This template hooks you up with everything you need to build a React SPA with a Koa backend.


Run Occasionally

Runs commands on a schedule.


Steam Revenue Calculator

A tool used to estimate sales for a game released on Steam.

Christoffer Artmann

Hi, I'm Chris!

I'm a Developer and Product Manager living in sunny Barcelona.

If you want to have a chat, you can find me on all the social platforms.