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String Concatenation Cheat Sheet

February 10, 2018

When switching between languages I often find my self googling how to do string concatenation and especially interpolation which no two language seems to agree on.


Adding Tailwind CSS to Your Rails App

January 10, 2018

We recently decided to use Tailwind CSS for our Ember app at work and it really struck a chord with me. Here's how you add it to your Rails App


Image uploads with Ember.js

February 04, 2016

Allowing your users to upload images to your application is not an unusual feature but I had to pull some of my hair before I found an approach I liked when trying to do it with Ember.


Benchmarking Rails server software

March 27, 2015

Apache vs Nginx. Passenger vs Unicorn vs Puma. I’ve personally been running Apache with Passenger as I got a lot more of Apache experience then with Nginx but when setting up the servers for a recent Rails project I was not really happy about the number of requests I could serve.


My impressions from World Hosting Days 2014

April 03, 2014

I've just spent a few days at Europa Park attending the World Hosting days. The days were filled with interesting talks and I'll try to summarize the major themes in this post.